When you think of a bikini, a string bikini with a triangle top is likely the first style that comes to mind. String bikinis have ruled the two-piece swimwear market since they first launched into popularity in the 1960s and 70s. Over the years, the world of two-piece swimwear has expanded significantly. New swimwear styles have popularized to flatter a wider range of figures, offer more support, and keep up with ever-changing trends. However, the simple, timelessly trendy string bikini has kept its place at the top of the swimwear trend charts.

These creative new ways to tie your string bikini can give your swimwear collection a complete makeover. Some of these tying techniques even up the support and security of traditional string bikini tops to help them minimize bouncing and discomfort for women with fuller busts. Others just add interest and style to your swimwear look to help you set yourself apart from the hundreds of other women rocking string bikinis on the beach this summer. Learning new ways to tie your string bikinis allows you expand your swimwear wardrobe by transforming the tops you already have into a variety of brand new trendy styles.

  • Racerback

Converting your bikini’s neck string into racerback-style straps lifts your bust and adds support and security to your top to prevent bouncing as well as ward off neck and back pain.

Start by laying your bikini top out on a flat surface with its cups facing down. Tie each side of the neck string to the opposite side of the back string to create a criss-cross pattern. Tighten each knot to make sure both are secure, and voila! You have a racerback bikini top that you can still tie in the back for an adjustable fit.

  • Crossed Neckline

A crossed neckline adds style to your bikini top and pulls your breasts together to create additional cleavage and draw more attention to your bust.

This criss-cross front is one of the easiest ways to transform your string bikini top into a creative new style. All you have to do is cross each side of your top’s neck string over the other before you tie the string around your neck. Pull each side of the string as tight as you want depending on the fit of your top and how much lift you want for your bust. 

  • Strapless Bandeau

Transforming your string bikini top into a bandeau style makes your swimwear ideal for laying out in the sun without developing pesky tan lines. Plus, this sexy cut-out bandeau style also flatters your bust and accentuates your cleavage for a sexy finish.

Tie your top in back like normal to secure it around your body, but leave its neck string untied. Then, tie each side of its neck string together until the tops of both cups meet in the middle of your chest. Wrap the excess neck string around your body and tie both sides together in the back. Make both of your ties a little tighter than you normally would to keep this strapless bandeau style secure.

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