Delta Bridge Project Launches New Mini-Grant Program

The Delta Bridge Project (DBP) is launching a pilot Mini-Grant Program, thanks to a three-year DBP grant of $36,000. Information sessions for community groups interested in applying for a mini-grant will be held for the following dates and locations: May 31st at noon at Southern Bancorp’s Cherry Street branch; June 2 at 10:00am at the Phillips County Library; and June 6 at 5:30pm at the Delta AHEC.

The intention of the Mini-Grant Program is to diversify ways in which municipalities, faith-based groups, and community members participate in the DBP.  The program will provide community organizations access to small grants ($500 – $2,000) focused on highly visible projects identified within the Phillips County Strategic Community Plan. The goal of this effort is to build capacity, increase community outreach, and catalyze community initiatives not suitable for traditional DBP funding.

A wide spectrum of community groups are encouraged to apply, including churches, municipalities, fraternities, sororities and any 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 organization. Applicants will be asked to provide a 25% match of requested funds, but the match may be met through in-kind donations such as volunteer hours. Only one proposal per organization will be accepted per application cycle.

Applicants are encouraged to work through one of the six Delta Bridge Project Goal Teams for the development and submission of their proposal. All eligible projects must address: what specific goal or action step in the 2010-2020 Strategic Plan it will help accomplish; how it plans to enhance the community; why the amount of funding was requested; and how it will benefit a neighborhood and the county as a whole. The 2010-2020 Strategic Plan can be found here.

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Update on Grant Activity

Below is an update on recent grant activity in support of the 10-year Strategic Community Plan:

Grants received:

  • The Delta Bridge Project approved a $38,600 Civic Leadership grant to the Phillips County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Two Delta Bridge Project Grants totaling more than $600,000 were awarded in support of two anchor Civil War sites. Funds will go towards the phase two of construction of the replica Union Fort Curtis as well as for the construction of Freedom Park, the first official Underground Railroad site in Arkansas.
  • The City of Helena received a $67,560 Recreational Facilities grant from the Department of Rural Services in partnership with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. This grant will extend the existing boat ramp to ensure that the entire 60 foot ramp is accessible throughout the year, solidifying Helena’s position as one of the best public access points to the lower Mississippi River.

Grants submitted:

  • A Delta Bridge Project grant was submitted to fund two feasibility studies analyzing the viability of expanding the local biodiesel and alternative energy industry.
  • A Delta Bridge Project grant was submitted on behalf of the Helena-West Helena Police Department to provide a computer-based tracking and reporting system and process consulting.