A short-term power cut comes with the potential to cause a considerable amount of convenience to everyone around. Hence, to keep the power supply running, there are various types of generators available today that run on different types of fuels. Below are the three most commonly used options:

  • Gasoline

Generators running on gasoline are considered to be the most common option of all. Some of the vital reasons for this is that it is relatively low-cost and the fact that gasoline is commonly accessible. On the other hand, it can be tough to source in times of blackouts because the pump systems mainly rely on electricity to operate. Most of the gasoline units are small in size and portable. Moreover, it is vital that this type of fuel is stored properly as it is highly flammable. Gasoline that is stored in an appropriate manner has the potential to last up to a year. An issue that may influence the use of this type of fuel with the generators is its difficulty to ignite in cold temperatures.

  • Diesel

Diesel is a lot safer to use in generators. It is just as readily accessible as other fueling options such as gasoline and is accessible to certain industries such as farming at comparatively lower tax rates. Diesel generators have the potential to last for long and run efficiently. Moreover, they are considered to be a lot more reliable in chilly weathers. On the other hand, there are issues with the diesel consumption itself. In most cases, diesel lasts for around 24 months only. One other aspect to take into account here are the environmental concerns. Diesel engine emits high emissions and can eventually restrict the use of these generators. Moreover, it perhaps not be a very practical option for wet, damp environments, such as outdoors in the elements or near lakes or rivers as moisture can have an extremely negative impact on this type of fuel.

  • Propane Gas

Propane gas is considered to be an extremely clean burning form of fuel that lasts for a relatively long period of time on the shelf compared to alternatives such as gasoline and diesel. Most propane generators are relatively affordable to opt for. Moreover, this fuel type does not have any issues with cold temperatures. On average, the propane generator has nearly three times more fuel consumption compared to a diesel generator unit.

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