Interior Design

Natural stone in interior design

Natural stone has been used as a building material for centuries, and in the home it can be used to create timeless and classic looks. Although traditionally associated with bathrooms and kitchens due to its durable properties, recent design innovations and technological advances have been developed.

Below are some of the characteristics of natural stone:


From the fossils found in Portland stone to the natural and subtle layers of slate, texture is a very important factor in interior spaces. The three-dimensional dynamic that is a characteristic wall of unpolished, naturally textured stone can provide a surprising trend and is certainly on the rise.

Unlike many other materials, there is surely a specific stone texture that suits your needs. Flaming, stone grinding, sandblasting, sanding, polishing…


The geological striations and natural colored stripes found in marble create a striking impression throughout the design world, from hotel lobbies and interior walls to floors and countertops. In a market where individuality is key, the unique images are striking, bringing a strong identity to interior spaces of all descriptions.


As a result of geological processes, thousands of years of compression, natural stone is an incredibly resistant material. Visit Aberdeen or the rich Clipsham buildings in Oxford to see evidence of the longevity of this natural material.

Uses in interior design

Stone is a natural material that brings warmth to an interior. Stone has a natural charm and represents the connection between nature and the earth. The attractive stone wall is a good idea for a wall in the living room, which can completely transform the space, which wants to bring warmth to this space and the environment. Another idea is that the fireplace can be surrounded by slabs. To build a stone wall, it is not necessary to demolish the existing wall, but to wrap it up.

Stones are available in many different shapes, colours and sizes, which can be used to decorate your home or office space. Natural stone can complement any decoration. Since it is a natural material, there are many different ways to decorate your interior. The natural stone wall in the living room creates a natural center and can serve as a background for furniture. Smooth stone walls, made of granite or marble, want to give your room an elegant and modern look.

Natural stone is often considered a “luxury” material; the benefits of stone products go far beyond aesthetics. Stone is durable, sustainable and soundproof, making it suitable for a wide range of applications within any budget.

Natural stone and underfloor heating.

Advances in underfloor heating systems have become a popular choice for residential applications. As a natural conductor of heat stone, it works with underfloor heating to create a home environment. As a result, stone floors in less traditional areas of the house, such as the living room or bedroom, have become an attractive option.

Creating space with infinite floors.

If an interior space opens up to a garden, there is an option to create an infinite look using the same stone tiles inside and out. This design option creates a sense of space. As a strong and durable material, it is a wide and seamless finish.

Be bold with darker stone.

Choosing a dark stone wants to make an interior space stand out from the crowd. Slate is a popular choice for kitchen floors, as the soft metallic tones look great in any season of the property. With colors ranging from cool gray and black to green, warm brown and red, slate is a very versatile stone. Extremely resistant due to its darker colour palette, the material can be used in terms of maintenance.

Natural stone for interior walls.

Natural stone is becoming a popular choice for both interior walls and floors. Although it does not act as a material, it does so slowly over a period of time.

When used properly, a wall made of natural stone can help reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a house. Stone absorbs heat when temperatures are warm and then slowly releases it when the room cools down. This has the advantage of keeping a home warmer in cold weather and cooler when temperatures are higher.

The beauty of natural stone is in its uniqueness. Each stone is different, with its own peculiarities and imperfections that make each creation truly unique.