Our structure helps us to work within each of our strategic goals

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee comprises community members who act as “Keepers of the Plan.” This refers to the Phillips County Strategic Community Plan, a document that outlines the community’s goals in six main areas of development. Each main area is designated as a Goal Team, about which you can read further down on this page. The Goal Teams are also comprised of community members who decide how and when to take action on the specific objectives listed in the Strategic Plan. It is the Steering Committee’s responsibility to manage and track the progress of the Delta Bridge Project based on the goals identified in the plan. The Steering Committee is the only entity responsible for amending the Strategic Plan which will remain a fluid, living document. In doing so, the Steering Committee listens to the Goal Teams, reviews new objective ideas, evaluates project impact on the community, and finally approves or disapproves the addition.

For more information, email Doug Friedlander, the Chair of the Steering Committee.
In Phillips County, Southern staff members Joe Black (President of Southern Bancorp Capital Partners), Julia Nordsieck, and Cathy Cunningham work with the Goal Teams to implement the Strategic Plan. Although they do not officially sit on a specific Goal Team or the Steering Committee, staff members of Southern have been an integral force in this effort.

Local Development Council

The Local Development Council (LDC) approves or declines proposals for Delta Bridge funding that have been reviewed by Southern Bancorp Capital Partners staff. The LDC is comprised of residents of Phillips County appointed by the Southern Bancorp Board of Directors Executive Committee and includes a Chairman who also sits on the Executive Committee. Members of the Local Development Council cannot be members of the Steering Committee; LDC members also cannot vote on any activity in which they have a personal financial interest or other personal involvement that might be considered a conflict of interest. If the LDC approves a proposal for further consideration, it is then voted on by the Southern Executive Committee and sent to the funder for approval.

Goal Teams

Our goal teams drive the implementation of goals and action steps in our Strategic Plan.

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