Prepare your exteriors for the summer

In a few months the good weather will come to our homes. After the long winter, we will finally be able to materialize what we have been visualizing for a long time. Our gardens and terraces. Outdoor design is one of the things that lovers of decoration like the most.

Because of the colours, the warm temperature, the play of natural light, those little night lights that transport us to exotic places… Ideas that have already been seen during the Milan Design Week with brands such as Kettal and Dedon. Wood, simplicity and textures.

This summer, surprise your guests with the trends shown below, which will help you to set up that exterior you’ve been wanting so much.

Beyond functionality

Practical designs for gardens and terraces. Sturdy chairs that could withstand both intense sun and summer rains, a barbecue for weekend meetings, and the odd detail, always focused on functionality. For this year, the decoration of gardens takes a step, and besides looking for comfort, even more than in the interior, the intention is to evoke environments. Environments where you can connect with friends and family, while you relax and enjoy the good weather.

In addition, you will see the fusion of environments, ie the comfort of the interior moves to the terraces and gardens. It will not be strange to see how the paving stones combine with the grass. Thus, there will be a union between the interior and the exterior, leaving the line that separated both spaces diffuse.

Large windows and folding screens to facilitate the passage from one place to another will allow this mixture. In this way, a living room can become an outdoor space in the summer months.

For this purpose, the pavilions are provided to create “open-air rooms”. These cover the sides and the roof, which in the summer months will protect you from light and heat as well as occasional rain. In addition to a tidy aesthetic, it will also be useful for structuring the spaces.

The colours of summer

For this year, the preferred shades are again the neutral ones. However, the palette that will be used the most is that of the grey shades, from the lightest to the darkest grey.

A trend that seems not to disappear, although it is starting to lean towards warm colours. The transition will be made by mixing these grey tones with beige, even cinnamon. A range that generates spaces of warm but at the same time fresh colours, which turns gardens into visually relaxing spaces for the summer season.

Natural and exotic

Feeling like you’re making a break for it every time you go out in the garden. That’s the idea behind the 2019 news. To form a kind of retreat where you can rest and disconnect without having to go very far.

The preferred environments to recreate them will be those inspired by “farmhouse”. In this way, nature will play an important role, with lots of green and plants. Also, very artistic illustrations.

The style that will have more repercussion is the one inspired by the colors, textures and craftsmanship of exotic and less industrialized countries. Therefore, among the novelties, it will be possible to see handmade braided seats, with aluminium structures, which mix comfort and aesthetics; and ecological fibre braided accessories. Style that will also be transferred in the lanterns.

Lanterns and LEDs

The greatest potential of the outdoors is natural light, and how it fills us with energy. But the truth is that one of the moments when terraces and gardens are most used is when night comes. Lighting becomes a key factor, especially at those summer parties.

One of the trends is the LED technology to illuminate the exteriors. What’s more, the novelty is that they are not only automated, but can also be controlled from your mobile device thanks to applications. For the terraces, there will still be lanterns or lights on thread, although more durable LED chain lights are beginning to be introduced.

We believe that the human being is happier when he lives and relates in beautiful spaces and without a doubt those natural and happy exteriors help to create these moments of intimacy. Do not hesitate to contact us for your next project, we will offer you the best solution adapted to your needs and tastes.

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